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home inspection, house inspection, home inspectors, house inspectors, home inspections, house inspections, condo inspections, oakland county, macomb county, wayne county, lapeer county, livingston county, washtenaw county, southeast michigan, Michigan

Home Inspection

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Pre-Listing Inspection

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Pre-WWII and Period Homes

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Partial Inspections

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Sample Inspection Report

What Clients 
Have to Say

I wanted to thank you
for doing such an
exceptional job as our
home inspector.  more... 

What Clients Have To Say...

"I wanted to thank you for doing such an exceptional job as our home inspector.  I was blown away by your professionalism, vast knowledge, and attention to detail during and after our inspection.  I appreciate how extremely thorough you were during our home inspection. Also, thank you for provided us with such a detailed inspection which outlined every aspect of our new home using photos, diagrams, detailed descriptions and instructions.  Additionally, thank you for providing us with our inspection write up so quickly.  Your website serves as a tremendous resource and I find your website easy to use when accessing our home inspection file.  Your inspection serves as a tremendous resource for us to use in maintaining health house, which I find to be extremely valuable as a new homeowner."

"I am so glad we chose you as our home inspector.  You were flexible in setting up a meeting time and date for our inspection, in addition to your affordable pricing.  I would, and will, refer you to all my friends, family, and anyone I know of that is planning on buying a home.  Your service as our home inspector defines “professionalism” at its best. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Phillip H.
Farmington Hills

Mike and I made a reduced offer on Adams and it was accepted!  We really feel that your inspection report, coupled with anticipated costs from professionals allowed us to get a fair, thoughtful offer on the table.  I believe it made the difference for the sellers to have such a clear picture of how we arrived at our new number.  We are excited to become part of the history of this great home and hope it all works out as planned.

Thanks again for your part in this!"

Andrea J.

I received and reviewed the report that you sent yesterday. I wanted to say thank you for your hard work on the inspection of the property on Park. Your professionalism, expertise, and thoroughness came highly recommended, and that is exactly what you provided! We couldn't be happier with your services!!!

While the findings of your inspection resulted in us exercising our right to cancel the purchase agreement, we are very glad that we were able to do so instead of purchasing a home that would have required so much time, money, and repairs/maintenance. Not only will we be passing your information onto some friends who are looking to purchase homes, but you will be hearing from us again in the very near future when we find another home that we would like to purchase.

Again, thank you for your services, and we will be in contact again soon! 


James P.

Thank you for providing sage advice, a thorough home inspection product and the extra valuable information regarding home ownership."

St. Clair Shores

Thanks for everything. We are finalizing everything with the buyers now.

You did a great job with the inspection. I thought it was awesome that not only did you tell me what was wrong, you told me the proper way to fix things. I have already given your card out to a few people and will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for an inspection. Jessi and I are keeping one of your cards for ourselves in case we decide to move again (hopefully not for a while now). We might also contact you to come out every few years just to check on the house and point out anything we overlook.

Thanks again Eric!"

Travis E.

Thank you for the detailed inspection report. You did an excellent job of inspecting the big house thoroughly. All of us were impressed, including our realtor. You have given us a lot of information about our new house, that would help us maintain it in a good condition throughout its life. Also impressive was your speed of giving us the reports, so that we could meet our deadlines of the contract.

I would certainly recommend you to my friends."

Best regards,
Anil and Neena R.
Rochester Hills

It was a pleasure to see you again.  Thank you so much for your recent inspection.  You were very thorough and far exceeded my expectations.  You covered every inch of my house from top to bottom, outside and inside.  It was obvious that you were up-to-date with all code and inspection information.  You went beyond the normal and typical inspection.  Your discussions on basic awareness and monitoring of my house will make it become a home for me for a long time in the future.

Thanks for everything."
Marie M.
Harrison Township

"Thanks again for your help and thorough inspection.  We took possession of the house last week.  I have already referenced your report and book several times while preparing to correct some of the deficiencies identified.  It has been invaluable."

Jeff S.
Royal Oak

"Hi Mr. Batke,
I received the inspection report and home owners manual. Thank you very much, it was very informative. I can see you put a lot of time, thought, and effort into the manual. I hope to get much use out of it in the future, although I still don't know yet if this particular deal is going to work out or not.

Thanks again,"
Simcha F.

"I would like to comment on your professionalism.  you were thorough and informative and kind and patient.  I know when I move into this condo I will feel very comfortable and confident and not have to be too concerned about any Surprises.  You covered everything from A to Z.     Thank you for the follow up CD and home owner's manual.  That was sort of the icing on my inspection cake.    I do appreciate the time you spent doing the actual inspection and the patience in answering all of my questions.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to others and I will keep your number for any questions that may arise.  Thank you kindly.   God bless you!

Joanna B.
Farmington Hills

"Thank you very much. You were awesome. I have already recommended you to a friend. I told her how professional & honest you were.

Melanda M.

"The best money I have ever spent! 
Hands down, your inspection was worth every penny and more! I really wanted to thank you so much for the extremely comprehensive home inspection you did on the house for me. I could not believe how thorough your inspection was. You saved me countless amounts of money. I knew of some of the more visible findings but there was so much that I did not see that you found. I had even had a builder friend of mine look at the house prior to hiring you and even they did not look for the things you checked out. You are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I feel so much more educated about looking for another house! I will definitely hire you again when I find another house that I want to purchase but I will also be more observant myself when looking.

Thanks again,"
Sterling Heights

"I cannot thank you enough, for the complete and thorough job you did, with the inspection of our impending home. You not only did an amazingly thorough assessment, but you added a personnel and caring touch, due to the history and specific character of our house.  You also provided the right amount of emphasis with regard to what were the most significant items we should understand, and what work or improvements we should consider in the near or long term.  I learnt a great deal from you, not only relative to current items to attend to, but what to look for through time, For Mary and I, this inspection became our list of "Things-to-Do", and it gives us great confidence, that we have a complete and expert list as a foundation for this!!  Actually, while still in Germany, we are having work done to correct and improve many of the items you recommended we attend to immediately, such as an Electrical Distribution upgrade and HVAC equipment upgrade with added return ducts for improved circulation.

Mary and I could not have been more pleased with your personal and professionalism execution of this inspection.  Without question, it is apparent that you take great care and pride in performing your evaluations, not only to meet the regulatory requirements I am sure you have, but to also meet the expectation of the customers you serve!  Please be sure to stop by sometime to see the improvements to our house that you helped assure!."

Ken and Mary B.
Lake Orion

"This is the third time that I am involved with home inspections. The third time must be the charm since this time it was totally different. I was actively involved in the inspections process from start to finish. Mr. Batke was very professional, courteous and very details. He explained in details what he will do prior to asking me for permission to go ahead with the inspection. Mr. Batke went though every inch of the house inside and out, he explained in details the conditions of everything, he made suggestion on what must be done and he even suggested the time frame that it must be done (his suggestion was based on the age of the items he inspected). I am 100% satisfied with the job that Mr. Batke performed and would strongly recommend all home buyers to use his service. His service was a peace of mind that will be so invaluable in many ways for many years to come, other than Mr. Batke, I think I know more about the condition of the house than even its owners. Thank you Mr. Batke for a job well done and for being so details in your inspections and for being so attentive in serving my interest."

Donald H.
New Boston

"I would like to extend this letter of recommendation in respect to the services provided by Independent Home Inspection. As a single mother I have called several inspectors in Livingston County, hoping for an honest and reliable person. Needless to say, I got lucky. IHIC exceeded my expectation. Eric is extremely detailed. He found things that my real estate person and contractor missed. As a result I asked the selling bank for price adjustment and they agree to reduce the purchase price by 4%. I saved thousands of dollars."

"I will use IHIC performance as a basis or model standard by which I will judge other contractors. IHIC’s performance has excelled in all categories, including customer contact, safety, adherence to schedule, and attention to detail and also of great importance, with price."

"Most compelling is the depth of support in regard to recommendation and concerns. Eric speaks the language of dedication, commitment and customer care. Based on the above I would highly recommend IHIC on any project requiring home inspection services."

Beata B.  RN, BSN

"Eric was a wonderful inspector and my husband and I will recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a home. As a first time home buyer it was really helpful to have someone walk through and explain what needs to be fixed immediately and what can wait. He even caught things that a city inspector missed. He was great, it was a pleasure and the inspection was very thorough."

Amy F.
Garden City

"We were very satisfied with the service of IHIC. The inspection was very detailed and we were informed immediately while walking through if something was questionable. The report is a full detailed lengthy report. We were surprised at the detail contained in the final report. We would highly recommend Eric Batke for any home inspection. As a matter of fact we have already given his number out to some friends."

Virginia and Michael G.

"Thank you so much for the detailed inspection.  We really appreciate how you explained everything and that you were so thorough.  Thank you again, we will recommend you to anyone we know that needs an inspection."

Laura and Clay Z.

"Eric did two inspections for me, each of which was done very thoroughly and professionally.  I felt that he really cared about my safety and security in the house.  He provided me with information about passing codes and also very practical advice that will benefit me as I live in and maintain my new home.  His advice was well researched and spanned a wide variety of topics, some of which were very specific to the period and materials of my particular home."

Matt F.







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